Gorgeous Disney Formal Collection from Japan

Disney Formal Collection

Disney fashion comes from all over the globe, and we love seeing international styles inspired by our favorite Disney characters! This stunning Disney formal collection from Japan, is simply amazing! The collection comes from designer Claudia Kuraudia, and is an expansion on the Disney Bridal collection we fell in love with last Fall.

The site Eltha has shown off the beautiful new collection, including new pictures from the original collection! The collection added 22 new items, expanding the collection to 50 unique pieces. The new styles are a mixture of bridesmaids and prom dresses, with some incredible details. Not only is this collection only available in Japan, but they are rentals, instead of for sale. Beginning this summer they’ll be available in Hotels and fine Dress shops throughout Japan and the rental price is expected to be 300,000 yen for wedding dresses and 100,000 yen for tuxedos.

In addition to dresses and tuxedos based on Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, a new collection called “Disney Princess” was announced.

The Rapunzel, Snow White, and Cinderella dresses seen above are all from the original release we talked about last Fall.

Part of the new Princess collection, brings new Jasmine, Cinderella, and Ariel dresses. These dresses are each highly detailed, and have softened elements that resemble their princess inspiration. Oh the fairy tale wedding possibilities are endless!

There is also a white Jasmine inspired wedding gown. This gown has lots of intricate lace details, and is even topped off with a Jasmine flower hair piece!

The star of the show is definetly this Mickey inspired gown. It’s not often you see beautiful elaborate dresses in a Mickey Mouse style, it’s usually always Minnie. The dress has a lacy black bodice, with a red skirt full of ruffles and a yellow belted bow for a finishing touch.

There are two other Mickey inspired formal dresses as part of the collection as well. These are strapless belted ballgowns, that mirror each other in black and white. Both of these sweeping gowns have red bow belts, and tiny little Mickey Mouses all over them.

There is even a coordinating Mickey Tuxedo! This tux is inspired by Mickey’s tuxedo style that you’ll often see him in at the Disney Parks. I love how subtly designed this creation is, you can tell it’s Mickey, without it being overly cartoonish.

The Minnie Mouse collection is a vision in pink! The dress features dainty polka dots, and flowers. The textures are also very sheen and sleek. The tux has layers of soft pinks, and very subtle details like a Mickey crystal on the bow tie.

This dress is all about the BOW! Minnie Moue is known for her iconic bow, and this dress really takes it to the next level. The back of this dress is adorned with a giant satin bow that flows down to the floor. The bodice of the dress is lined with daisies, and the top layer of the skirt has tiny white polka dots.

There is also a wedding dress inspired by Vintage Minnie. This is a simple white dress, with a similar skirt as the pink Minnie dress, that features the dainty polka dots. This style trades out a traditional veil, for a hat inspired by Minnie’s hat from her earliest appearances.

As a Team Donald and Daisy gal, I’m super excited to see TWO duck inspired pairs. There is a Donald pairing that features a dress and tux inspired by our favorite duck sailor, and another set that features a Donald tux, and Daisy dress!

Both the tux and dress are perfect compliments for each other. The vest of the tux, and bodice of the dress are matching blue and white stripes, and there are small elements of red and yellow on both outfits. The jacket of this tux is the iconic Donald blue, and the dress has a multi layered skirt in the same hue.

This Donald tux is a bit more elegant, with a cream suit that has a chic blue pin stripe trim. If you look closely you may even notice a ship’s wheel lapel pin!

Daisy has always been one of my favorites. This dress really captures her look in a stunning way. Soft purple lace adorns the sleeves and bodice, and a sheer asymmetrical layer of lavender fabric drapes down the front. The back has a satin pink bow, and opens up into a plume of white ruffles, just like her adorable feathered tail! I honestly want to get married again, just for THIS dress!

This entire Disney Formal Collection from Claudia Kuraudia is simply magical! I really hope that one day we can see this magical creations stateside as well.

What do you think of these striking and impressive Disney inspired formal creations? Would you wear any of them for a wedding, or formal occasion?

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